More cooking

I've been cooking more lately.  Yoo-hoo!  I'm still in the process of trying all sorts of recipes (mostly based off what's on sale :-) ) to see what kind of food we both like.  So far, so good.  We've both enjoyed everything I've made so far.  Yay!  Jesse is fun to cook for because he's not picky and is willing to try new foods.  Plus, if I make something he thinks is really yummy he gets happy.

If he was picky I think I would hate to cook.  Thankfully, he is not.

I went to the library in Siloam Springs to try to find some cookbooks.  I happened to stumbled upon one called "Healing Foods," a book with recipes designed to take care of your body and potentially heal/prevent/lower the risk of certain health problems/diseases.  Whether or not it works, I don't know, but I can see that the recipes are healthy and based off of natural ingredients and are much better for us than spaghetti and Alfredo sauce. :-)

So far we've only tried one recipe out of the cookbook, photos below.
Flavorful Chicken in Bok Choy leaves
Flavorful Chicken in Bok Choy leaves

  I found the bok choy at Wal-mart and wanted to try it.  Neither Jesse nor I had ever had bok choy before.  We actually both really, really liked it.  The only think we didn't like was that I hadn't made more of them. . . Jesse dubbed it "the opposite food" because he was more hungry after he finished the two of them than he was before.  This was basically like a healthier version of a potsticker.

Speaking of potstickers, I also made some of those.  I didn't have ground pork, so I experimented with chicken and beef.  Also, I didn't have won-ton wrappers so I made my own.  Wayyyy too much work, if you ask me.
Chicken Potsticker filling
Beef potsticker filling
The potstickers "steaming"
I also experimented with some oriental flavored pasta (without rice noodles, though!)
Oriental pasta
Potstickers, oriental pasta, and spicy dipping sauce
The dipping sauce was a little too spicy for me.  Less red pepper flakes next time, I think. . .

I also made Chili.  I mostly was wanting to experiment with freezing it and eating it at a later time.
Homemade Chili

And for breakfast one morning. . .
French Toast
Totally not healthy, right?  It sure was yummy though!

Today I made Ecuadorian style lentils and rice.  They were scrumptious.
Arroz Con Menestra

I also made yummy bread, called "Naan."  It's sort of Indian/Pakistani, but it's spread to many other countries as well.  It was delicious.  And pretty simple.  Jesse loved it, and so did the other people who tried it.
Garlic Naan

I served some lentils with it.
Lebanese Lemon Lentils
I'd say these two foods were a hit, considering there were no leftovers.

That's pretty much all the food. . .
as for other things going on in life, I'm still jobless, Jesse started school last week (and already has lots of homework), and our little duplex is slowly starting to look like a home.  There's actually a few decorations on the walls!  Woo-hoo!

That's all for now. :-)


  1. Besides making me hungry, your pictures look like they ought to be in cookbooks or cooking magazines! I'm cooking a little more too. Trying to find things that Lika will like...but amazingly she isn't picky at all. She likes to eat healthy things, loves fruits/veggies, and is willing to try anything!

    BTW, Jesse HAS had BOK CHOY, just doesn't remember. I used to put it in soup often (sliced like celery). It's kind of bland but the crunch is nice.

  2. Has he ever had it plain?
    I like it. It's like celery and cabbage combined. A very useful plant.

    How do you say Lika's name? Have you tried any good, new recipes lately?

  3. Haven't really tried anything new lately, but I HAVE actually been cooking a lot of healthy things. My project lately has been to get Doug's office usable...SUCCESS. If it EVER actually gets cool here I'm going to start on the garage...again :-)

    Lika's name is sort of like Leak'-ah...but they have a sound we don't have so it sounds more like...hmmm, leeekgah...I dunno. You'd have to hear it. Took me a few days before it clicked.

    I did learn how to say Noah's ark...no' eskgee'toe bunny :-)